No Wood on the ball

My favorite Halos fan went on a rant today over email:

  I don’t know whether you have noticed, but the Angels have given 224 at bats in 2010 to a player who has no positives. NONE.

  He is batting .147, slugging .210 and has an on-base % of .176. He has walked 6 times and struck out 70 times. He also is no threat to EVER win a Gold Glove. He has ONE stolen base (you can’t steal first base, and he’s not a base stealer anyway).

  Is this unprecedented in the history of baseball? Probably not, because baseball has a long history.

If you haven’t figured it out, he’s talking about Brandon Wood.  I checked his game log on B-R and wow… He’s getting his playing time for sure.  My buddy can rest assured that Wood is improving.  He’s got three hits in September (he only got one in August). <—- Sarcasm

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  1. O.K., Zealot. You made me do this.

    Mario Mendoza had a lifetime batting average of .215, slugged .262 and had an OBP of .245.

    How about a “Totally Unfair Comparison?” Dean Chance (likely the worst hitting Angel pitcher ever) had a lifetime batting average of .066, Slugged .069 – 2 doubles in 11 years – and had an OBP of .113.

    So the 2010 player (0-for-2 last night, but he didn’t strike out BOTH ab’s, now hitting .146) is about halfway between Mario Mendoza and Dean Chance.

    Yikes. That makes me feel better.

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