Slow Starts, AL edition

I’ve noticed that there have been a more than a few players in both leagues who have really not been pulling their weight.  Some are players who are hitting below their potential.  Some are just plain not hitting for any player relative to a full-time status they have. 

I’m including pitchers who are off to a stinky start as well.

This is my AL list in no particular order.  Stats as of 4/25.

Jacoby Ellsbury, Bos .219, 21 K I may be a little too gleeful about putting Ellsbury on this list.  I dropped him in my APBA league before our 2011 season.  Perhaps I should temper my glee.  He’s tied for the lead the Sox in homers.  Do I have the right Ellsbury??
John Lackey, Bos 2-2, 6.35 ERA Lackey just pitched a solid game yesterday (eight shutout innings) putting him at 2-2.  It may take a long time to get that ERA at a respectable level but he may be on his way.
Nick Markakis, Bal .208, .279 OBA A very untypical low OBA for the OF with the good eye.
Shin-Soo Choo, Cle .207, 2 HR The Indians can bat a .207 hitter #3 for only so long.
Torii Hunter, Ana .200, .255 OBA  
Vernon Wells, Ana .169, 1 HR, 4 rbi my Angel fan friend, DonS has plenty of frustrations with this guy
Ervin Santana, Ana 0-3, 5.51 ERA I’m not too down on Santana for two reasons.  Just 8 BB in 32+ innings plus he has 28 Ks in that same amount of time.  I’d give him time. 
Francisco Liriano, Min 1-3, 7.40 ERA,6.1 BB/9IP Last year was vindication for the Twins.  But can FL follow up? 
Jack Cust, Sea .171, 0 HR, 7 rbi Maybe no one expected much of Cust but he’s got 20 games and 70 at bats so far for Seattle.  My thoughts?  Seattle is devoid of power and Cust’s potential for the long ball is the only thing keeping him in the lineup


The Yankees’ Jorge Posada almost made this based on his .153 batting average but when six of your nine hits are homeruns, you get extra credit. 

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