Old Tiger Stadium ruled to be demolished


A judge lifted the stay of execution for the old Tiger Stadium and ruled that demolition of the ballpark can continue. 

Wayne County Circuit Judge Prentis Edwards rejected a request by the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy to issue a preliminary injunction preventing further demolition of the stadium. He also lifted a temporary restraining order issued Friday afternoon that halted work begun just hours earlier.


Edwards agreed with attorneys for the city that the nonprofit group likely can’t raise the funds for a proposed $33.4 million redevelopment project, noting there is little financing in hand after years of work.

One Response to “Old Tiger Stadium ruled to be demolished”

  1. It’s always a sad day to see these grand old ballparks go away. They just don’t build them like that anymore, I think the smells are built right into the bricks. Those parks were magical. Baseball today doesn’t have the same feel as the game of yesteryear. There was a sense of wonder. Two teams would square off, trying everything they could to win a ballgame. Today it seems to be all about the longball & highlights, it used to be about the game.

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