Lowest BA during hitting streaks

Washington’s thirdbaseman Ryan Zimmerman just got a hit off the Giants tonight to extend his hitting streak to 29 games. 

He’s hitting 45 for 122 (.369) during the streak. 

I just ran across this page on Recondite Baseball which lists The “Worst” Hitting Streaks. 

Juan Pierre tops the list.  In 2000, his rookie year with Colorado, he went 18 for 66 for a .273 during his 15 game hitting streak.  And in 1984, Cubbie catcher Jody Davis went 16 for 57 (.281) also for a 15 game streak. 

Fortunately for Washington, Zim’s hitting more than the bare minimum for his streak.  He’s gotten his batting average up to .352 for the season.

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