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Cubs have spring fever, take frustrations out on each other

I thought we were told there would be no more of this.  

USA Today:  Fight breaks out in Cubs dugout during spring game

It seems Carlos Silva was the one who couldn’t keep his cool.

The Cubs said that Silva was "not in the right frame of mind to talk" after the game.

To be honest, I pretty much expected to read about Carlos Zambrano, not Silva, when I clicked the headline link.  I’m not sure whether it’s a good or bad thing that I was wrong.

Keep it cool, Silva

Touch home plate before getting into a fight, dude

Here’s a hint… talk smack AFTER you round the bases. 

The word is, he actually did get around to home plate.  Here’s the write-up from Huff Po

Gerald Laird: Did the Suns play that bad?

An odd story coming out of Phoenix… mlb.com reports that Detroit catcher Gerald Laird was arrested along with his brother Brandon who is a minor leaguer for the Yankees.  The pending charge for Gerald is assault after trying to interfere with another arrest after a Suns-Celtics game. 

"While [security guards] were trying to arrest the suspect for disorderly conduct, the [Laird brothers] interfered and assaulted the security guards," Phoenix police Sgt. Andy Hill told the AP.

One, I’d like to hear Laird’s side of the story and two, why couldn’t he hit like this during the 2009 season (ok, that was a cheap shot).

Cubs minor league pitcher sentenced for brawl incident

Justice moves slow in the minor leagues. Just ask Julio Castillo.

Julio Castillo was the pitcher who was involved in the bench-clearing brawl during the Dayton Dragons-Peoria Chiefs game in Dayton last July.  During the brawl, Castillo threw a ball into the stands and injured a fan.

Well, over a year later, he’s finally getting his due.  An Ohio judge sentenced him to 30 days in jail and three year’s probation

Castillo hasn’t pitched all year and it looks like he’ll have to wait till next year before he throws again. 

Temper, temper, temper: Mets’ exec Bernazard axed

Last week, Jim Leyland took off his shirt and was called ‘sexy’.

In a totally different set of circumstances, Tony Bernazard took off his shirt and will be fired.

Bernazard, who was the Mets’ VP of player of player development, was fired after he lost his temper more than once.  One incidence occurred in the Binghamton Mets clubhouse where he took his shirt off and challenged the players there to a fight.  Tony B also got into it with Mets’ reliever Francisco Rodriguez.

I don’t think the Mets can take any more “development”.

Bernazard, 52, has had the position with the Mets since late 2004.  He played in majors as an infielder from 1979-1991.

Suspensions, fines handed down in bench clearing brawl

Yesterday, the Midwest League has issued their penalties for the "unfortunate bench clearing brawl" that took place between the Peoria Chiefs and the Dayton Dragons a little over a week ago in Dayton. 

The starting pitcher for the Chiefs, Julio Castillo gets the stiffest penalty with a 60-day penalty and a $1,000 fine.  He was also arrested and charged with felonious assault when a ball he threw hit a fan.  Castillo is no longer on the Chiefs’ active roster.

Six other Chief players were fined $150 and suspended three games. 

Carmelo Martinez, the Cubs Latin American Field Coordinator and Field manager in place of Ryne Sandberg who was at the Hall of Fame Ceremonies, was also fined $1,500 and suspended 20 games. 

I got most of this info from the Peoria Chiefs’ website.  I was hoping to get more detailed info on the Dayton Dragons on the Dragons site but no luck.  No news is good news, I guess.

Can you imagine what it might have been like for Ryne Sandberg in Cooperstown that weekend?  Here he is, probably hanging out with his buddies, Schmitty, Ozzie, maybe trying to avoid Morgan. 

Maybe something like this:

Schmitty:  Hey, Ryno!  How’s it goin’ in the sticks?  I hear you’re managing a single-A team?  The Chiefs?  Who’s in control while you’re gone?

Ryno:  Carmelo Martinez

Ozzie:  Who?  Never heard of him.

Ryno:  You remember… Edgar’s cousin.  Hit 21 homers in ’85.

Ozzie and Schmitty:  (nodding and looking at each other)

Ryno:  He’s got things well under control. 

Ozzie:  Uhh, Ryno.  You might want to check out the news on the TV here.  It doesn’t look good.

Schmitty:  Yeah, who’s this kid, Castillo?  He’s got quite an arm.

Ryno:  facepalm1