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Sammy Sosa, Steroids, and Anonymity

What is the biggest issue here?  The fact that Sosa may have used PEDs?  Or that the results from a federally administrated (and confidential) test which were contractually promised to remain anonymous were made public?

From Circling the Bases:

The greater wrong in my mind is the fact of the leaks themselves. I’m a lawyer by trade, and it shocks me that fellow officers of the court are divulging this sort of information to the media. This is evidence that was seized in an ongoing criminal case that is subject to court order putatively preventing its release. The act of leaking this stuff is, at the very least, a violation of that court order and a violation of legal ethics. Depending on the exact language of the order, it could be a criminal act. I don’t know about you, but that causes me far more concern than whether Sammy Sosa took steroids six years ago.

I know, I know, now that the truth is known, no one cares.  No one is going to cry a river for poor Sammy Sosa.  I don’t have any sympathy for him myself.  But the issue of anonymity during these tests are crucial.  I still think it’s a slippery slope we’re sliding down. 

These “anonymous” tests are going to mean jack squat after a while and its use as a tool will lose its effectiveness.

Another ex-Mariner caught

Isn’t it ironic that on the day that Ken Griffey Jr ties Sammy Sosa for fifth on the all-time home run list that MLB punishes another former major leaguer named Sosa for performance enhancing drugs?   This one Jorge Sosa, the righthanded pitcher who currently is in the Mariner organization was found positive for amphetamines.

Ok, off on a tangent here… I’ve said this before but unlike many Cub fans, I’ve never had a grudge against Sammy.  Despite the fact that he could have handled a lot of things a whole lot better in his latter days with the Cubs, to me his legacy includes his 545 homeruns and 1414 rbis. 

As for Jorge Sosa, what is it with all the former Seattle Mariners getting caught with PEDs?  First it was Ryan Franklin back in 2005 then Jose Guillen last year.  Now Jorge Sosa. 

It’s not rocket science.  They are testing the players.  If it’s in their system like it or not, they will notice. 

Oh, congrats to you, Junior.  I still like you even if you went to the Sox.