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Photos of the Polo Grounds

My previous post about stadiums and the reference to the Polo Grounds got me thinking about the old home of the Giants.  Some say that a high proportion of Mel Ott’s 511 homeruns were hit at home due to the short porch at the Grounds. 

Anyway, I found these wonderful photos of the Polo Grounds at the Stadium Graveyard.

Clem’s Stadiums info… very cool

I just spent the last half hour browsing around Clem’s Baseball blog.  Clem’s site is a plethora of information about baseball stadiums both current and past. 


A look at the oddly shaped Polo Grounds from Clem’s Baseball Blog

He has a profile on all stadiums including detailed diagrams with dimensions, and an extensive history. 

I’m not sure how he got all his information but it is impressive.  Diagrams and dimensions are available for every major change they made to each stadium.  There is even an option to easily compare two stadiums.

Check it out if you’re a baseball stadium buff.