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edfarmer1 I jumped so high with delight when I heard Steve Stone would be coming over to TV to join Hawk Harrelson, replacing Darrin “Yes Man” Jackson. But soon my joy was overcome by grief when I learned DJ was moving over to radio, joining Ed Farmer. I’m sure Farmer thought, what did I do to deserve this? Ed is kind of a jokester, I wonder if he’ll play around with Darrin, just to make him look stupid, not that Darrin isn’t fully capable of doing that on his own.

Last year I turned the volume off White Sox telecasts, powered up my radio, and enjoyed Farmer & Stone (even though the sound didn’t always matchup, still it was better than listening to those two knuckleheads). It was uncanny how often Ed & Steve would say something might happen, and then it would happen just as they’d predicted. I’ve got the MLB Direct-TV package, and the Sox TV guys were, by far, the worst in the business, from whining about the umpires to being complete homers, to talking about their playing careers (was there that much to talk about, did I mention Carl Yastrzemski?).

Maybe I’ll have to brush up on my Spanish and listen to Hector Molina do the games. Heck, even if I don’t understand what he’s saying, it still might be better.


I know it’s 68 degrees in Chicago, but baseball in the Windy City, sad to say, has been over for some time now.  So I needed to hop on a big air jetliner to carry me so far away to the middle of the desert to get my baseball fix.

After wolfing down some breakfast it was time to head out to the ballpark in Scottsdale.  The Scorpions are once again in last place, must be something about their feeder teams.  Each team in the AFL gets its players from five major league ballclubs.

As I was headed to my seat I wanted to pick up a media guide and a stat sheet, but the place where they’re normally sold was closed.  I saw a guy, who was lucky enough to have both, I sked where he got his stuff.  He said, over at the booth that is now closed, maybe they’ll open again soon, which they did.  The guy I asked, happened to be Steve Stone.  I sheepishly said, oh hi, good to see you!

Clay Buchholz was starting for the Scorps, but he was roughed up for four runs over 3 2/3 innings.  He had his good fastball, but seemed to be working on a change up, a work in progress.  Cardinals prospect Brett Wallace was 4-5 on the day, including a bomb off Buchholz.  Daniel Murphy was in the game, learning to play 2B.  Kevin Frandsen was back in the AFL, ripping the ball, playing SS.  Jordan Danks was the DH, didn’t show much.

The final score was 11-7 Peoria Saguaros over the Scorpions in a looong game.  My day started with getting up at 3:30 AM in Chicago and ended at Don & Charlie’s on Camelback Road in Scottsdale.  That place has the best baseball memorabilia around, amazing!

Going to a day game in Phoenix and a night game in Scottsdale today & tomorrow, a night game in Mesa Thursday, before heading home Friday for a Bulls night game at the UC.  Wednesday night Jimmy Rollins will be present in Scottsdale to be inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame, my JRoll teeshirt?  It’s at home in my closet.



A little take off on Welcome Back Kotter, I’ve been singing it ever since I heard the news that Steve Stone is back on the Southside of Chicago, the baddest part of town. I’ve got to shake this medley of bad music rolling around in my head.

I was so excited to learn that Stoner would be back, until I learned he was replacing Chris Singleton on radio. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad to see Steve come to the Sox to help their most pathetic broadcast team, but why couldn’t he have replaced DJ?

DJ & the Hawk are the worst baseball announcers in the business, and I’ve got the MLB Direct-TV package so I know what I’m talking about (and that includes Tim McCarver & Vin Scully, would somebody please tell Scully to put a sock in it?).

Chris Singleton wasn’t all that bad, but Ed Farmer could make anybody look good, he’s pure genius! I’m really looking forward to hearing the Dynamic Duo of Farmer & Stone on radio. But even more than that, I look forward to having Steve replace DJ, I know it’s coming.

I know I haven’t mentioned anything about the blowhard ego maniac that is the Hawkero, but we know he ain’t going anywhere. And with Stone joining him (sometime in the future), Harrelson might be okay. Never thought I’d say that.