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Baseball Zealot Radio interviews Brian Foley from The College Baseball Blog

I’ve said it before but one thing I like about doing a podcast is being in contact with other baseball people. I’ve been emailing and chatting online with Brian Foley from The College Baseball Blog for over a year and a half but this is the first time I’ve talked to him.

Brian warned me ahead of time about his Boston accent. Funny, I didn’t notice it at all (that’s a joke if you don’t get around to listening to the podcast. He’s got a wonderful one).

For those who are into college baseball and haven’t seen The College Baseball Blog, please take five minutes and do so. You’ll thank me later.

Now, the show notes…

Hosts: Tom:

Summary: I interview Brian Foley from The College Baseball Blog. Brian chats a bit how The College Blog came about, sums up the 2007 college postseason and gives us a pre-season look at this year’s college baseball. Finally, we discuss where college baseball is headed as a college sport.


The College Baseball Blog

Time: 28:39

Date Recorded: 2/10/08

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