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Ron Santo: The last chance for the Vet Committee to get it right

Santo at the 2008 Cubs Convention


Stop me if you heard this one.  Ron Santo was one of ten players selected to this year’s Veteran’s Committee Ballot.  And once again, he will need a 75 percent to make it to the Hall of Fame.  Results will be announced on December 8th.

The kicker is that this is Santo’s last chance.  If he doesn’t get in this year, he will have no chance to be selected to next year’s ballot. 

I won’t bother reciting Santo’s stats.  Anyone who’s followed the issue, is familiar with them.  Or belabor the point that he was playing in a pitcher’s era.  Or go on and on about his defensive prowess.  You all know about that. 

All that doesn’t even take in consideration his work with the Cubs as a broadcaster and all-around ambassador for the game. 

If you’re looking for a good bio, please read Al Yellon’s piece on Bleed Cubbie Blue when he chose Santo as the #7 Cub of all time.  It’s one of most detailed articles you’ll find on him. 

The esteemed Joe Sheehan says that the "omission of Ron Santo is the most egregious mistake ever made by the Baseball Writers Association of America" and calls for the Veterans Committee to rectify that mistake.  On a personal level,  I know a lot of baseball people and almost every I know support Ron Santo for the Hall.  Yes, that includes White Sox fans. 

So Veterans Committee, get it right and get it done.  Vote for Ron Santo.