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Ballplayers and websites

I ran across this article on Dugout Central entitled The Art of Catching by none other than former catcher Brent Mayne.  The byline at the bottom included a link to brentmayne.com. Go figure.  Yeah, he plugging a book but the site is rife with come cool stuff including his take on Mark McGwire’s latest admission on steroids.  He also has a podcast with some interviews (I’m planning on listening to the one with Rich Amaral). 

I’m a little leery when it comes to MLB ballplayers and blogs or websites.  Somehow, I get the idea they are either ghost-written or under heavy monitoring.  Mayne’s however seems on the level.  First, he’s retired and probably can say what he wants.  Second, his writing style and content appears “unofficial” looking (i.e. he writes like he might speak).  Third, he’s selling a book and makes no bones about it.  But instead of putting a quick template website up and forgetting about it (I’ve seen this countless times even by writers), he’s actually updating it.  Kudos.

Speaking of ballplayers and websites, Willie Mays is having some issues with a website.  A domain name, in particular.  According to domainnamewire.com, Mays is filing to get williemays.com under his control.  Currently, the domain name is owned by a company called Global Access which resides in the Isle of Man.  The website is purely a money making venture for GA as it includes links to ticket outlets (this probably goes without saying but I encourage anyone who goes there to NOT buy tickets from those links).

Mays has asked the World Intellectual Property Organization to arbitrate the matter on his behalf.