MLBAM Live Streaming becoming more mainstream

Those fans who watch Major League Baseball via video streaming are increasing every day and the numbers for the playoff games are even higher. 

By now, Major League Baseball Advanced Media has the stats available for the Division Series.  On average, 350,000 live streams were served per game.  Even more interesting, 36,000 of those streamed were sent to mobile devices such as the iPhone. 

These video streams were all subscription or pay-for feeds.  MLBAM notes that these per game averages are higher than the 2009 All-Star Game video stream… which was free. 

One other point… the Postseason.TV package is blackout-free (yay!) but to avoid competition with other major networks, the video stream doesn’t give you in their words, “a complete game experience”. 

One Response to “MLBAM Live Streaming becoming more mainstream”

  1. This season, I sprung for the the live radio streaming, given that is was something like $14 for a full season, and I found it fun to be able to catch not only the Chicago games but to be able to scan around the league. Baseball on the radio still has some old fashioned charm. Who knows? Maybe next year, I’ll spring for video. Ah, here I am invoking next year! Chicago fan through and through.

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