McLouth Gets Call to the Majors

mclouth Nate McLouth has followed the path of just about every other talented players the Pittsburgh Pirates have had lately, when he was traded to the major league Atlanta Braves. The Braves gave the Buccos three minor leaguers (Gorkrys Hernandez, Charlie Morton, Jeff Locke) in exchange for the All Star/Gold Glove centerfielder. Pittsburgh’s GM was quoted as saying the organization got three above average prospects for arguably the best player on their team. Last year the Pirates were involved in a three team trade, whereby the Dodgers got Manny Ramirez, the Red Sox got Jason Bay, and Pittsburgh acquired Andy LaRoche. I sure wish the White Sox GM Kenny Williams had been hanging around with the Pirates GM, we sure could’ve used McLouth, and we had better prospects to include in a deal.

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  1. I argue that this move is different (and more alarming) than Nady, Marte or even Bay. McLouth is going to be a regular (and maybe a star) for ten years.

    I think back to all the criticism of the Nady / Marte trade. That, compared to other deals being made at that time, the Pirates got very little. A bunch of guys the Yankees didn’t want. Those 2 pitchers are doing OK and Nady is on the DL, so maybe the criticism was not valid.

    Still, a guy remembers the criticism when the Pirates make this deal. The prospects acquired are just that: Prospects. No major leaguers and nobody who will BE in the major leagues at least until September.

    Plus, the Braves generally succeed at keeping the guys who are good (Chipper, Yunel, McCann, Andruw Jones, Kelly Johnson) and swap the ones who are no good (Wes Helms, Kyle Davies, Andy Marte, Wilson Betamit, Macay McBride, Joey Devine, Jerrod Saltalamacchia). Jeff Francoeur might be headed elsewhere, too, if he doesn’t get it in gear.

    Every team makes mistakes, of course. But the only ones I can think of off the top of my head that the Braves have made in this area are Jermaine Dye and Adam Wainwright. You could argue Ryan Klesko. But the Braves kept him for long enough that “he was what he was” by the time they traded him. And Furcal was a free agent, so that was different.

    In short: I feel the Pirates’ fans pain. This is lousy, and raises questions about the Pirates Commitment to fielding a winner. John thinks they know what they’re doing; I hope he is right. I like the Pirates.


  2. McLouth deal “not driven by money”

    yeah right

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