In the last fifty years there have been three major leaguers to bat .300 or better for ten straight years. Right now Vladimir Guerrero has done it nine consecutive years and is well on his way to number ten. He’ll be the first righthanded hitter to accomplish this task. Can you name the lefthanded hitters who have done it?

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8 Responses to “.300 TEN YEARS IN A ROW”

  1. Wade Boggs comes immediately to mind.

    Tony Gwynn?

  2. two down, one to go…

  3. Ty Cobb.. except he batted .400 a couple times… does that count? ;-)

  4. Pete Rose?

    I have an advantage, since I can remember the last 50 years. ;–)

  5. oops, i didnt see the fifty year part. :P

  6. Pete Rose was a switch-hitter and didn’t accomplish this feat. The player who did was a lefthanded hitter, who finished his career with the Halos although he’s better known for playing with the Twins.

  7. Gotta be Rod Carew.

  8. Nice call, game over!!!

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