Last chance to sign up for Kiwanis’ Sports Trivia Championship

If you’re in the Champaign-Urbana area, tomorrow (January 15) is the last day to register for the Kiwanis’ Sports Trivia Championship.  The Championship will take place on January 31 at 2pm.  I get the sense that the deadline is pretty hard and fast so sign up now!

Here is the sign-up page.

Not only have I registered for the contest but I’m teaming up with Shawn Lee (yes, teams are allowed).  Some of you might remember Shawn from a few episodes of our now defunct podcast, Baseball Zealot Radio.  Shawn is the webmaster of the Vermilion Voles vintage base ball team.  He’s even been known to pick up a bat for them as well. 

Shawn and I are obviously pretty good at the baseball trivia bit.  But the Kiwanis will be throwing in some Illini sports trivia our way, too (Chicago Bears, too).  Shawn’s a Rutgers man so he won’t be much help with that I suppose. 

Time to brush up on my Illinois sports history, I guess.  Now if only they would include Illini Baseball, I would smoke ‘em all.

Go Team Zealot!

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