Brian Moehler Watching today’s Cub game on TV the announcers said Moehler was one of three starters in the majors who’ve started 175 games without a ten strikeout game. Can you name the other two???

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  1. just guessing…
    is one Carlos Silva?

  2. Brad Radke? Brian Anderson?

  3. No correct answers thus far. Silva’s only started 69 games. I’m thinking Radke might’ve done it, looking at some of his relatively high strikeout totals of past years. Not sure about Anderson, these are active pitchers, maybe they don’t consider him active seeing as he hasn’t pitched this year.

  4. I looked up Radke. He’s done it three times in 359 career starts.

    Steve Trachsel? Jeff Suppan?

  5. I’d guess Rueter but he just retired.

  6. leeknay, you got Suppan, NICE JOB! One more to go. Along with Moehler this other starter started yesterday.

  7. Last guess: Aaron Sele

  8. Last hint: I wore his tee shirt to last night’s White Sox game, Mark Buehrle.


  9. Aaron Sele is a winner. I’ll bet Greg Lipowski still thinks so, too.

    140-104, up to the minute.

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