Tuesday Top Ten: Most Outrageous minor league promotions

This week’s Top Ten, Most outrageous minor-league baseball promotions, comes from the Kansas City Star.

I like #6. “Pre-planned Funeral night. They gave away a free pre-paid funeral. It was a success as the contest had 2000 entrants.

Me? I like the simple promos. Like the ones where if a certain opposing player whiffs, everyone gets a free carwash at the local Gas N Sip.

I remember seeing one of the those at Victory Field in Indianapolis. When that opposing player was up, EVERYBODY was rooting for the home pitcher and the batter was a dog. The crowd was at a fever pitch.

Sure enough. he struck out in his 3rd at-bat and everyone went wild.

Did we get our free car wash? No. But that wasn’t the point.

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