Hideki Matsui tried for a sliding catch last night, landed funny on his wrist, and it broke. He’s scheduled for possibly season ending surgery today. The streak officially ended when Hideki left the game, not completing 1/2 inning of play. Matsui, a 31-year-old who is Japan’s most famous baseball star, took pride in his consecutive games streak. Before coming to the major leagues, he played in 1,250 consecutive games with the Yomiuri Giants of Japan’s Central League from Aug. 22, 1993, through 2002, then in every game since joining the Yankees the following year. His consecutive games streak was over at 518 with the Yankees, and perhaps his season, too. The Yanks also lost the game to the Red Sox, but it’s nothing compared to losing Godzilla.

Aaron Rowand broke his nose last night when a two out bases loaded double died in his glove and his nose hit the outfield wall in Philadelphia against the Mets. Rowand had requested the Phillies install extra padding on their outfield walls to save him from injury.  The pads were on back order, now they look to be coming a little too late.  Aaron left the field, blood streaming from his nose, in a rain shortened contest, which Philadelphia won 2-0 thanks to Aaron Rowand.

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