Aaahh! It’s good to be online again!

I’m back from vacation and rarin’ to go.  Thanks to the guys for keeping the flame going while I was gone.

I went to a family reunion in beautiful Wisconsin.  After that, we hit Wisconsin Dells.  I asked a friend who had been there what he thought of the place.  He hesistated and said “Well, it’s a bit developed”.  That’s an understatement!  But we knew that going there.

On our drive to the Dells, the kids were doing the “Are we there yet?” bit the whole way.  On I-94, my 8 year-old son saw a billboard for a mini-golf place and said, “Daddy, are we close now?”.  Nothing gets by him.

No, I never made it to a wireless cafe due to lack of time and dearth of wireless hotspots.  Maybe I just didn’t know where to look.

I managed to avoid baseball while I was gone too.  Probably a good thing since the Cubs lost every game while I was gone until the day before I got back.  Sheesh!  They’re kickin’ the Cards now but by now they’re 17 back.

Back to combing the boxscores…




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  1. It took a White Sox fan to break the Cubbies losing streak. I was at Wrigley Field when the Cubs came out of hybernation against the St. Louis Cardinals. GO SOX GO!!!

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