Halfway to driving from Pittsburgh to Toronto to see the Bronx Bombers battle the Toronto Blue Jays, Nick checked our tickets. Sure enough the game was a 4:05 start rather a 7:05 PM start, OOPS! We ended up getting to our seats in the 3rd inning. The Yankees had already scored the only run that would be scored that afternoon, not really sure how. Gustavo Chacin of the Blue Jays was matched up against Shawn Chacon for the Yanks, with Chacon coming out on the winning side. The surprise came when Yankee skipper Joe Torre called on Flash Gordon rather than Mariano Rivera to close out the game.

First time to Toronto… The ballpark is a typical indoor facility, felt like a shopping mall. Thus far there have been 47 shootings in Toronto, which has Canadians up in arms. 47 shootings is a good weekend in Chicago. U2 was playing in town, but we had more important things to get to after the game. First we grabbed some Thai food and then checked out a local club. The cover was only $6.00 Canadian, which is almost nothing American. The club was awesome, all the girls were beautiful, and nobody was stuck on themselves. And our parking only cost $3.00 Canadian, which is like why even bother. Got to talking with the parking guy from Iraq, he left in 1992. He was telling me how his 19 year old cousin was recently killed by an Apache helicopter, she was 8 months pregnant, no wonder they’re not having parades for us!

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