AL Gold Gloves Awards Announced

 On Tuesday, the AL Gold Glove winners were announced:

P Kenny Rogers Texas Rangers
C Jason Varitek Boston Red Sox
1B Mark Teixeira Texas Rangers
2B Orlando Hudson Toronto Blue Jays
3B Eric Chavez Oakland Athletics
SS Derek Jeter New York Yankees
OF Ichiro Suzuki Seattle Mariners
OF Torii Hunter Minnesota Twins
OF Vernon Wells Toronto Blue Jays

Tradition has always been a big factor in awarding the Gold Glove awards in the past.  Those who have gotten it in the past tended to have a good chance to get it again.  Not so for the AL recipients this year.  Varitek, Hudson and Teixeira won it for the first time.  Ichiro, Hunter and Chavez all won it for the 5th time. 

I put my thoughts in the comments section.  Feel free to do so as well.

Followup:  David Pinto’s comments in Baseball Musings seem to back up comments made about Jeter/Cabrera.


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3 Responses to “AL Gold Gloves Awards Announced”

  1. I love Varitek (he’s on my APBA team) but his award should come with a disclaimer… when he’s not catching Wakefield..
    of course he never does… because he can’t..

    and I might be talking out my a** but isn’t jeter overrated defensively?

    Glad to see Tex get it..

  2. Agreed on your stance on Varitek. I-Rod and Ben Molina both got jobbed.

    Jeter’s defense was much improved this year. Maybe A-Rod’s decent play at 3B rubbed off on him a little. To win any award, it also helps to actually be Derek Jeter.

  3. I objected to the Varitek selection, for the same reason stated by the Zealot.

    But looking at the other guys: I-Rod is a steroid guy (allegedly) who also seems to be on the decline, Kendall can’t throw, Bengie had more than his share of passed balls, AJ is not the most energetic guy at preventing wild pitches, Victor is “more a bat than a glove,” and Yankee fans tell me that Posada is “average” defensively. So I don’t have a better candidate.

    Starting in 2006, I think ex-Quad City River-Bandit Joe Mauer may begin a string of Gold Gloves.


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