Angels-White Sox in Late April:

Friday night. Kevin, Dawn, Bob and I sat down the third base line, 4 rows from the top. Two rows behind us, directly behind Bob and Dawn, sat my “obnoxious fan of the year.” I hope. He started on the first pitch (actually, on the lineup introductions). Yelling “You suck” at every Angel when he batted or fielded a ball. Yelling “You suck, ump” on every strike to a White Sox guy or non-strike to an Angel. EVERY ONE. I don’t think he missed yelling on more than five pitches. I never turned around: My “ignore” feature was in high gear. About the fourth inning, Bob said that since the Sox were winning, he and I should switch seats to “change the Angels’ luck.” I told him that I was born on a Sunday, but not LAST Sunday. That was HIS seat and HE was stuck with it. The guy was hoarse by the 8th inning, but the effort never lessened. We thought he was drunk, but Kevin turned around in mid-game and said that the guy was about 17 years old and was drinking pop. My companions, all White Sox fans, were effuse in their apologies to me for the behavior. I think the guy bothered THEM (through White Sox fan association) more than he bothered ME. Every team has a few of those. Someday, I will tell you about the “jumbo woman” in Milwaukee who was rooting for the Angels.

Saturday night. That was NOT the problem. In fact, there was NO PROBLEM. Kevin and I went alone. Kevin got our seats in the “Scout Area.” List Price: $210 each – Parking Pass in the best lot included. Seven rows behind the screen. Included a free buffet and bar from 4:30 to 7:30 in the White Sox club room. I was the only one in THERE wearing Angel gear. Not just some hamburger deal, either. Prime rib. Baked turkey. Delicious ribs. Lots of salads and vegetables. Free beer and wine. Then free ballpark food and drinks the entire game (no 7th inning cutoff tonight) served to my game seat by White Sox employees. We were “stuffed and hammered” by the end of the 3-0 Angels victory. “Real White Sox fans” Teddy Ballgame and Rob were way up by where Nancy Faust sits (did the White Sox get rid of her? She wasn’t there, either game). “Real White Sox fans” Tom and Theresa were way down the right field line in the upper deck. And there I was, 20 feet from the Angel on-deck circle. Great time, topped off by victory.

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  1. Boy, that’s nice to get that “obnoxious fan of the year” out of the way so early in the season.

    I’m still waiting for mine.

  2. The White Sox relegated Nancy Faust to Day Games. I’m not a supporter of this move, which was done last season.

    As a Sox fan, I’d like to apologize for the actions of obnoxious fan.

  3. Nancy Rocks!!

    I remember taking my kids to a game with you, Teddy, sitting right next to Nancy and her organ.

    My kids were real interested in the organ. Nancy was real nice and smiled and waved.

    More Nancy.. less canned music.


  4. Just to expand on DonS’ notes: the guy behind us was a true piece of work. The “You Suck” comments were in the style of “Miss it Noonan” from Caddyshack. The Sox hit a routine grounder to second? “You Suck” at the top of his lungs just as the second baseman makes the play. Pop foul behind the plate? Yell as the catcher settles in. And while we did have some pretty nice seats, the players were in absolutely no danger at all of hearing anything we could have possibly yelled. :-( Okay, say something in frustration once or twice at a key time: or if there’s a particular player you hate. But every single play? Give it a break.

    One correction: I didn’t suggest a seat change. I’m not THAT superstitious. The seats were already changed when I returned from a trip to my lucky bathroom, getting in the fifth line from the door (since it was the fifth inning) and giving it my patented “rally flush” on the way out.


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