Barmes Changes his Story

Well, it turns out Colorado shortstop Clint Barmes wasn’t carrying groceries when he tripped on the stairs and broke his collarbone as previously reported.

It was a package of deer meat he got from buddy Todd Helton after they tooled around on ATVs all day according to today’s stories.

But don’t even think that Barmes’ injury had anything to do with his ATV riding. Not a bit. Because Todd Helton says so:

“I cannot say it strongly enough — he did not get hurt riding an ATV,” Helton told the newspaper.

Hmm… it’s one of those times when it wouldn’t have crossed my mind except for the fact that he’s so vehement about convincing us it isn’t true.

Barmes only has good intentions…

“I just didn’t think it was right to bring Todd Helton into something like this,” Barmes was quoted as saying.

Nicely kept secret, Clint.

Followup: I caught this on an article on ESPN’s site.

Helton said he, Barmes and rookie teammate Brad Hawpe were riding about 5 mph.

That made me chuckle… I envisioned Barmes, Hawpe, and Helton puttering about in their ATV’s going about 5 mph.

Good grief, Helton. If you’re going to tell a story, make it believable.

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