Barmes injured during food run

The latest to succumb to injury is hot Colorado shortstop Clint Barmes who has fractured his left collarbone. This was due to a “dummy” injury which I categorize as any injury I could easily inflict myself. See Moises Alou and the treadmill incident a few years back.

It’s reported Barmes who was carrying groceries, couldn’t wait for the elevator then tripped while walking up the stairs.

Barmes will likely be out for 12 weeks.

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One Response to “Barmes injured during food run”

  1. When I first saw the headline, “Barmes Fractures Collarbone at Home”, I was expecting to see a horrific home plate collision when I clicked on the story. Tough break! I just finished voting 25 times for Clint for All Star NL Shortstop before the injury.

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