Baseball Oddities- They Abound

#1- Dominic Valila, the New York Mets groundskeeper, is expected to lose his job because he has been part of a Mafia-run gambling ring.  He allegedly used the Mets phones to place bets.  According to Dominic himself,

 “What happened is I started gambling and betting on games,” Valila said. “People would see me go nuts watching football. They’d say, ‘Listen, would you put $20 down for me?’ … It’s a guy thing. It’s in my blood.”

He avoided jail by pleading guilty to the crime.


#2- When Nats pitcher Livian Hernandez threw his glove into the stands in a frustrated fit, he wanted it back.  It seems the fan that retrieved it wasn’t so willing to give it back up.  The team offered him an autographed jersey and glove. 

That didn’t seem to be enough.  The fan’s asking price? 

  • 2006 Season tickets
  • playoff tickets for this year
  • and $18,000

My two thoughts:

I hope the playoff tickets aren’t for the Nationals.. and $18,000?  wow, that fan’s got some brass cajones.

Hernandez’ appropriate response?

 ”He can have it,” Hernandez told the newspaper. “He thinks it’s my lucky glove, but I’m not superstitious.”


#3- The Potomac Nationals of the Carolina League are holding a “Hairiest Back at the Ballpark” contest.

Winner gets a laser hair removal service worth $2500.

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