As you know I’m a huge White Sox fan!!! I’ve been a White Sox fan since I was 12 years old in 1968. Frank Thomas is the GREATEST WHITE SOX HITTER, period!!! So I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to welcome him back, along with over 40,000 other Sox fans. The Big Hurt got a standing ovation from the crowd when he came to bat, there was a highlight piece shown on the scoreboard, and Sox manager said beforehand he expected White Sox fans to treat Frank with the respect that he’d earned. Ozzie was not disappointed. This ovation came after there was some bad blood aired in the media between Thomas and Sox GM Kenny Williams, but that was old news. This was a night to honor Frank. There were signs all over the ballpark showing support for their hero. Frank Thomas is off to a slow start with his new team the Oakland A’s, but last night was just like the old days when the Big Hurt went yard twice against his old mates. His first shot came in his first at bat against the Sox and it brought everybody to their feet. I was cheering the Big Hurt, but went absolutely nuts when Pablo Ozuna’s two out bunt brought in the winning run 5-4 as the Sox came all the way back from a 4-0 deficit. LET’S GO WHITE SOX!

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