Big Weekend Planned

66.jpg Friday morning, bright and early, I take Amtrak for Chicago. This weekend is the May convention for the Illowa APBA League. The IAL is a simulation baseball league using the APBA baseball game. For details on what exactly the IAL is and what we do and why we do it, check out our About Page.

The ten of us plan on playing 30 games each this weekend My team, the Twin City Thunderchickens, was doing fairly well till our last series when we went 1-8. That put us at 18-21 and fighting to get back in top division.

Nevertheless, win or lose, we all have a good time. Rolling dice, talking baseball and hopefully winning a few games.

I’ll have access to the Internet at the hotel we are staying at so I plan to update the blog throughout the weekend. You may have to put up with some IAL convention talk mixed in about the real thing. I’ve intentionally not made an “APBA” or “IAL” blog but for weekends like these, exceptions have to be made. :)

Go Thunderchickens!

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