Box Score Format Change at USA Today web site

I’ve noticed that USA Today has made some slight changes in their format on their baseball web pages.  I should like it but as usual, I’m resistant to change. 

The change specifically is that they have rolled the box scores, the play-by-play, and summaries into one page.  Before, they just had box scores one after another.  They also spruced it up with a graphical format. 

The one thing I have appreciated about USA Today’s stats format is the ease of seeing current MLB stats.  They’re all on one page separated by teams for each league.  No unnecessary graphics. No need to click back and forth for each team.  Nice and simple.  The same could be said for the their box score page.  One simple text page full of box scores. 

I can get used to their new format and probably even grow to appreciate it. 

As long as they don’t feel the need to “modernize” their other stats pages similar to the other sports media’s web sites which I personally find less user-friendly. 

Also, since they updated their format on Thursday, their box scores haven’t been updated since.  Maybe they have a few bugs to work out.

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One Response to “Box Score Format Change at USA Today web site”

  1. it’s updating now. and i’m getting to like the new format. a lot more info than before.

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