Bud hints at review of record books

Bud Selig is treading dangerous waters here.  He hinted that at the GM meetings, they would discuss reviewing the record books in light of the steroid scandal.  But he seemed to step back from that as soon as he suggested it.  The actual quote:

 “The whole record thing is on table — after we get this cleaned up, we can look at that,” said Selig, who continues to lobby the players union for a stricter steroid-testing program – and emphasized again that he will support Congressional legislation in lieu of an agreement with the players. “I’m not saying we will do anything because there doesn’t seem to be a practical way of doing anything about it.”

Bud seems to be borrowing from Karl Rove’s strategy book.  Suggest an unpopular or radical idea then retract it or imply that may not be possible. But the job is done.  He’s put the idea in people’s minds as a conceivable action. 

Maybe I’m wrong but most serious baseball fans are against this.  The idea of re-writing baseball history can have dangerous implications and could start some bad precedents.  Where this could go is anyone’s guess. 

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