Colon Wins AL Cy Young

No clever headlines about Colon showing “intestinal fortitude”. 

I expected Bartolo to take the prize but I didn’t expect him to run away with it.  He was the clear winner at almost a two-to-one margin (118-68).  And I certainly didn’t expect Mariano Rivera be the runner-up.  I’m showing my bias here.  No, I don’t mean my anti-Yankee bias.  I’m talking voting for relievers for Cy Young.  I don’t believe in voting for someone who pitched 78 innings, no matter how well, for Cy Young.  Eight New Yorkers voters thought Rivera was the best pitcher in the AL and gave him a first place vote.  Sorry, I don’t buy it.

Anyway, I’m surprised Mark Buehrle didn’t get a few more votes.  He ended up with 5 third place votes. 



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  1. I know Bartolo Colon won more games than anyone else in the AL, however Mariano Rivera was the best pitcher in the league and deserved the Cy Young Award IMHO.

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