I just found out Luis Gonzalez has won the 2005 Branch Rickey Award for community service.  Luis is on my Twin City Thunderchickens APBA team.  So it’s always nice to hear that a player of mine is good for something more than just playing ball. 


I won’t go into detail what all he did to deserve the award.  You can read the ESPN article yourself.  I did get a kick out of the name of his foundation, Kids Go Gonzo for School.

This makes me 2 for 2.  My APBA firstbasemen Albert Pujols was nominated for the Roberto Clemente award.  I must know how to pick the do-gooders.  Well, I had Kevin Brown for the 2004 season.  But note I traded him after one year.  Must not have done enough community service or something.

Bud Selig will present Gonzo with the award later in November.


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