George Brett: A prankster who needs a sense of perspective

George Brett has always been a prankster, a joker of sorts.  I used to be good friends with the mother of Nick Swartz, the trainer of the Royals so I would hear stories of Brett’s kangeroo court and practical jokes he would play on KC rookies.

But his latest “prank” has gone a little too far as far as I’m concerned.

Brett’s target was Andre David who was born in Afghanistan.  Brett wrote “Ahmed Mohammed Ahi” on David’s cap before a trip to the Orlando airport.  TSA officials immediately profiled David and took him to a special room to process him.

The “joke” didn’t end there.  While processing David, TSA officials found plastic knives that Brett had put in David’s bag.  Fortunately, all was explained away. 

What’s wrong with a little, harmless prank?  Well, Brett fails to understand that, in this day and age of heightened security, you don’t play games especially in an airport.  As a white man, Brett may not fully appreciate this but post-911 attitudes have done an injustice against innocent Muslim men and women simply because of their background.  I don’t seriously think David would have gotten in trouble because of plastic knives but do you really want to take that chance?


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