Glavine Lookin’ to get Grimy

Tom Glavine is pitching tonight for the Mets.  If he gets the win tonight, he will tie Burleigh Grimes for 31st on the all-time list in career wins with 270.  Glavine passed Jim Palmer on the list last week. 

Despite pitching for the Braves and Mets, Tom Glavine has been a favorite pitcher of mine.  I acquired him in a trade in my Illowa APBA League team when he was an unknown prospect for a washed-up Kirk Gibson and “potential” Pete Smith.  Remember Pete Smith? 

Well, Gibson soon retired and Pete Smith hung around long enough to do poorly.  Glavine, of course, was one of the most winningnest pitcher of the nineties.  Some 13 years later, he’s still on my APBA league team as I’ve vowed never to trade him.

Right now, it’s 4-3 Rockies in the 6th but Glavine is still pitching.  I don’t say this very often but Go Mets!

Update:  No win for Glavine tonight.  He was replaced by Santiago with the score 5-3 Rockies.


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