Happy Valentine’s Day!


For all you lovers out there, Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re not so lucky, buy some cheap flowers and hand them out one by one to people you know. You might make a friend… or be accused of being a stalker.

Here in east central Illinois, we’ve been covered by a thick layer of snow thanks to a snowstorm we had the last couple days. The University of Illinois has actually closed for the last two days. I could be wrong but last time the University had closed was when I was when I was in college in 1984. Let it be known that I trudged through the snow for 12 blocks to get to work.

Now, the sun is shining, the roads (and sidewalks) are slowly being cleared and all the other people are making their way out of their abodes.

Enjoy the day.




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  1. It was nice to see former Chicago Champion rightfielder Ellis Valentine. Of course Valentine played his most productive baseball with the Montreal Expos, where he teamed up with Andre Dawson & Warren Cromartie to form a topflight outfield. But I’ll always remember Ellis as a member of my Illowa APBA League team, rolling the BIG NUMBERS!

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