Huston Street, Ryan Howard ROYs

  Color me surprised.  Maybe I’m different but I didn’t expect these two win the award.  Not to say they deserve it in any way or anything like that but I guess I didn’t see them as high profile as Cano or Taveras. 

Street saved 23 in 27 opportunities (in other words, he blew 4 games in 27 opp. but hey, it’s all perspective) with a 1.72.  He is the second Oakland player in two years to win the award.  Bobby Crosby won in 2004. 

Howard bopped out 22 dingers in 2005 for the Phillies.  The media touts that half of these were during the Wild Card hunt.  The Phils were 16-6 when 16-6 when Howard when he homered. 




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  1. I agree with the BZ on this one as I too didn’t see Huston Street & Ryan Howard winning ROY Awards. If I’d have had a vote I would have voted for Willy Taveras & Tadahito Iguchi. Both performed well both offensively and defensively for teams that both made it all the way to the World Series. World Series winner, in the case of Iguchi. I’m sure some purests would protest that Tadahito is not a rookie in the pure sense of the word, but heck this is his first year in MLB making him a rookie. And didn’t we get over all that when Ichiro won the award a few years back. Taveras & Iguchi filled huge holes for their respective clubs and deserved the awards IMHO.

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