Kenny Rogers gets a tad testy

I’m going to resist using the requisite “Gambler” references in my headline.  They’ve all been used.

There’s not a lot to say.  About the same time that one Ranger pitcher gets his sentence in court for his outburst against a fan, Kenny Rogers decides to take on a cameraman.  The cycle just continues with the Rangers pitching staff.  Their PR department must be working overtime.

I’m sure there will be those out there that will say that the cameraman had it coming.  Feh.  From all I heard, all the reporters and photographers, including the cameraman, were in their proper spot designated for media.  From the footage I saw, Rogers clearly came after the cameraman and most certainly had a bug up his butt.

For those who want to see a pitcher on a rampage, here is the link.

Update:  Rogers received a 20-game suspension.  He plans to appeal and will play during the appeal process.


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