No Trade at the Deadline for the Angels

Despite rumors involving Alfonzo Soriano and Miguel Tejada, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim stood pat as the July 31 trade deadline came and went.

My reactions:

Overview of 2006, to date: The Angels are last in the AL in fielding %–age, and first in errors. As long as that
continues, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are going to have a tough time finishing much over .500. I wonder if
adding a bat would be “attacking the wrong problem.” While there are teams that hit better than the Angels (lots of them), the Halos win with pitching and defense — and a highly productive farm system. I’m comfortable with that.

The Angels present roster has 15 farm system products, 7 free agents and only 3 guys they traded for. They got Adam Kennedy for Jim Edmonds (maybe THAT will make you swear off trading) and got Maicer Izturis and Juan Rivera for Jose Guillen ( a better deal). Each of those two trades was getting rid of a bad attitude and, in Edmonds’ case, losing a clubhouse problem. Point being: The Angels don’t trade much. So the lack of a deal is not a shock.

Despite what I said earlier about “attacking the wrong problem,” I’d take that Soriano of Washington. He can play whatever position he WANTS to play. Maybe I’ll feel different tomorrow, but he looks pretty good after about EIGHT Frosty Old Style’s. If Alfonzo Soriano would agree to a long-term deal, that would be enticing. But I prefer to pursue it over the winter, not now.

Nick T says: “…the Angels were smart to walk away from Tejada. Why spend the price of a top SS, only to play him at 3B? They wouldn’t make it without Santana.” and “…they send out a good pitcher every night, so they have a good chance to win. I think they’ll win the division.”

About Tejada: I agree 100% (word-for-word) on Miguel Tejada. He’s a great player and would fit right into the Angels’ lineup. But he doesn’t want to play 3B. So, for ME, that settles it. I’m not sold on swapping pitching to begin with and Ervin Santana is my favorite Angel pitcher to watch. But all of that is secondary. If Tejada doesn’t want to play 3B, that ends the discussion. I’m glad Bill Stoneman agreed.

About the division: I don’t think the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will win the division. As I said previously, the Angels are last in the AL in fielding percentage and first in errors. I say Oakland wins the division. I hope to “stand corrected.”

In conclusion (finally, right?): I’m glad they didn’t swap Howie Kendrick. I’m glad they didn’t swap Brandon Wood. I’m glad they didn’t swap Ervin Santana. And I’m glad they didn’t swap Kendry Morales.

What do others think?


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  1. The problem with Soriano is he’s going to cost more than you want to give up. Or, I should say, he would have. Kendrick and Santana? Certainly Washington would have held out for some sort of package. Too much for too little without the long-term deal.

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