One Year Down

Today is our one-year anniversary!  On 6:36pm April 14, 2005, I posted my very first posted my first entry.

That seems such a long time ago.  Since then, the Zealot has taken on a couple authors who also regularly post.  Thanks to them for their help and encouragement!

I started The Baseball Zealot as an all-encompassing baseball blog to touch on all aspects of baseball.  That said, we have certain “focus points” which I feel are unique to the Zealot:

University of Illinois baseball:  Living in Urbana, IL and working for the University of Illinois, I have become a fan of the Illini baseball team and enjoy writing about them.

Linescore of the Day:  The LSOTD is a fun feature we do at TBZ during the baseball season.  Each day, we choose the best, worst or most unusual linescore from the previous day’s box scores.  It’s one of my favorite parts of doing the Zealot because of my inherent love of the box score. 

Rookie Watch:  The Rookie Watch is something we started halfway through the ’05 season.  When a new player comes up, one of us does a writeup and evaluates him.

Podcast Directory and Reviews:  Since I started listening to baseball podcasts on my iPod, I decided to occasionally do reviews of the ones I listen to.  I have a Podcast Roll on the left side of the web site if you’re interested in them.  Even if you don’t have an iPod, check these ‘casts out.

Of course, we cover the gamut of MLB.  We tend to focus on news of the Cubs and White Sox but any big news is game for the Zealot.

Thanks to everyone who has visited the site in the past year.  I sincerely appreciate it and I hope you’ll keep coming back. 

Tom (aka The Baseball Zealot)


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2 Responses to “One Year Down”

  1. Zealot,

    Congratulations on a terrific first year.

    LSOTD is a genius idea.

    I wish you many more successful postings.


  2. Way to go & High Fives Dude!!! Really enjoy the Baseball Zealot, both reading it and writing for it.

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