In the 7th inning of his 57th game Rickie Weeks committed his 20th error of the season at secondbase. The Milwaukee Brewers need to find a solution. Weeks is just three games passed being on a 60 error pace for the season, but seems to be picking up his pace lately with two a game on both Friday & Sunday so he might reach 60 by year’s end. Moving Rickie to CF might be the answer, although the Brew Crew has Brady Clark playing center. Clark is hitting .290 and is a solid defender. As a White Sox fan I have a possible solution, trade Clark to the Chisox for Brandon McCarthy. Since trading Aaron Rowand to the Phillies for Jim Thome, Chicago has been playing without a centerfielder. Brian Anderson’s hitting in the .160s & Rob Mackowiak can’t cover the ground. This trade would help both teams. I’m not saying I don’t like Anderson’s and/or McCarthy’s future, but for the White Sox the future is now. Brandon McCarthy is not cutting it in the bullpen and would step right into Milwaukee’s rotation. Clark would solve the White Sox centerfield problem. Anderson would get his confidence back in the minors. And Rickie Weeks would begin his journey as a major league centerfielder.

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3 Responses to “RICKIE WEAKS”

  1. Brady Clark for Brandon McCarthy?

    Let’s hope the Brewers aren’t THAT stupid.

    How about Clark and Corey Koskie for Joe Crede?

    If the Brewers move Clark (which I don’t think they will), Billy Hall would play outfield, IMO. Rickie is NOT changing positions this early in his career. I’m not sure he’s a second baseman – not sure he’s a lead-off man, either. But I don’t see any point in “jacking around with him” now. Let him establish himself as a major leaguer first.


  2. It worked out pretty well for Ron Gant who was shifted to the outfield from secondbase by the Atlanta Braves when he showed them early on that he was not an infielder. But that’s Atlanta, not Milwaukee, still it seems like the move to make. If journeyman centerfielder Brady Clark is THAT good that the White Sox would have to take overpriced thirdbaseman Corey Koskie off Milwaukee’s hands for a Gold Glove caliber thirdbaseman just coming into his own, then maybe I’m way off in my talent evaluation. With the state of the Brewers starting rotation I’d think they’d welcome the opportunity to add Brandon McCarthy to their staff. Then maybe move David Bush back to the bullpen as a middle reliever, a role he excelled in in the minors.

  3. For your future reference, Rickie Weeks’ name is spelled: “WEEKS.” Not “WEAKS.”

    Also, exactly WHEN did David Bush “pitch middle relief in the minors?”

    Is Brady Clark better than Austin Kearns?

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