Something New- Baseball Reference Bullpen

From Sean Forman and Sports Reference, the people behind the incredible baseball reference tool, comes another endeavor that shows a lot of promise… Baseball Reference Bullpen.

Forman describes BR Bullpen as an “online, collaborative, baseball encyclopedia”.  The BR Bullpen is modeled on Wikipedia, the popular, online encyclopedia. 

It of course, acts as an reference site which you can search or browse for baseball information.  It’s a two-way street, though.  If you find information is lacking, incomplete, or even inaccurate, you can edit the pages of the site and add your (hopefully accurate) information.  Over time, the encyclopedia entries grow with information.

Due to the non-hierarchical style of info gathering, the info you see may not always be accurate.  However, with many others viewing the entries, inaccurate info is usually spotted and corrected quickly.  So a sense of checks and balances is in effect.

I think BR Bullpen has a lot of potential and kudos to Sean Forman for getting this off the ground.

Here is the entry page for Baseball Reference Bullpen

More info on what BR Bullpen is and how it works

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