Sox Get Lucky in First Game of Series :)

Quick Summary…

Maddux obviously had an off day. And Garcia, who had horrendous outings in his two previous starts, was on his game.

Both pitched high and tight as they hit opposing batters prompting the men in blue to issue a warning to both benches.

Lee had a rare and costly error and Crede got out of his slump just in time to smack one out.


Sidenote worth a chuckle: Apparently, Guillen was not happy about the parking arrangements the last time these teams met. He had to park in a fast-food restaurant parking lot.

This time things were more to his liking. He got to park next to Dusty.

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  1. Darn! The White Sox got lucky again Saturday. Maybe the Cubs will have a chance Sunday as the Sox are starting a minor league hurler in his Major League debut.

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