Just got back from watching some spring training baseball on the west coast of Florida. The first team I saw was the Philadelphia Phillies in Clearwater. It was the first day Jimmy Rollins showed up for work. While I didn’t see JRoll in action, I did see why he’s so popular. Jimmy signed autographs from home plate all the way to the leftfield foul pole. The BIG MAN Ryan Howard did the same thing. It’s nice to see Ryan still has his feet on the ground after winning the ROY award last year. The next camp I saw was the Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedin. Got a chance to see the pitchers, including newcomer AJ Burnett going through their drills. Also said hello to Frank Catalanatto, he looks to be in mid-seaseon form both with the bat and with a positive attitude. Next I visited St. Pete to see the Devil Rays. I was particularly interested in seeing Scott Kazmir, BJ Upton, Delmon Young, & Rocco Baldelli. Kazmir looked like a veteran out on the mound, very smooth. Upton looked shakey in the field, but was ripping shots through the infield when at the dish. I couldn’t see the outfielders who must’ve been working out elsewhere on the complex, when I decided to use the facilities. Just as I was about to step to the plate, so to speak, I heard the urgent steps of cleats entering the john, I quickly stepped aside to let Delmon in ahead of me. Young said, “Thanks man! I’ve had to go for the last 1/2 hour out there.” Baldelli looked as fresh as ever, despite missing all of last year, he was banging balls all over the yard. Before returning to Chicago I got to Clearwater again to see the Phils. Ryan Howard was recovering from the flu and looked it as his bat had no life in it (note: he’s recovered nicely, already hitting three spring homers thus far). Rollins was driving balls through the infield, getting ready to resume his hitting streak, as he goes after Joe D’s mark. On the day I was flying to Chicago I asked my limo driver to drop me off at Knology Field in Dunedin to see the Jays host the Rays. Roy Halladay was roughed up and the Jays looked sloppy in the field as the Rays clobbered Toronto. Two players looked smooth trying out new positions for their repective ballclubs, Eric Hinske in RF & Aubrey Huff at 3B. Also it was good to see Russell Branyan out there raking for the Rays. One week from today I head out to Arizona to catch a little Cactus League action.

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  1. mighty good of you to let delmon in ahead of you.. :)

    Baldelli looked good, eh? DS might want to consider hanging on to him ??

    thanks for the update!!

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