Sunday’s Sox-Tigers Game

While up in Chicago, I had the great opportunity to attend the White Sox game against the Tigers. Thanks go to my friend, Tyler who secured the ticket and acted as host and guide for the day.

soxgame 01601.jpg

We entered US Celluar Field about 20 minutes before game time and things were looking pretty dreary. It was a bit cool and it was drizzling rain. Tyler and I took cover in the concourse.

Finally, it was 2:05pm, gametime but no sign of the game starting. The grounds crew rolled out the tarp on part of the basepaths between second and third but stopped there as if waiting for further instructions.

Finally, three things happened at once…

Over the PA system, we heard Frank Sinatra’s Chicago- My Kind Of Town.

The Sun came out.

and the crowd broke out into a big roar.

The Tigers never really stood a chance with the way Jon Garland was pitching. He came into the game 4-0 and fresh off a 4-hit shutout against the A’s. He showed no signs of slowing down. He ended up pitching another 4-hit shutout to extend his record to 5-0.

soxgame 01701.jpg

This is Joe Crede up to bat. He drove in the first run of the game with a sac fly.

soxgame 01801.jpg

We were 6 rows up along the line near rightfield. As a result, Timo Perez was a fan favorite of those sitting around us. After he hit his 2-run homer in the 7th, he became even more popular.

“Timo!! Timo!!” Everyone was trying to elicit a reaction from Timo. Finally, between pitches, he raised his hand and acknowledged his fans.

soxgame 015 copy01.jpg

This guy here was a real work of art. When the Sox were up, he spent the whole time riding rightfielder Bobby Higginson and riding him real hard. I mean this guy’s language would make a sailor blush.

It got me to thinking… what if I went to this guy’s workplace and stood right next to him and yelled at him all day. Just saying…

It is interesting that he would be yelling at Bobby Higginson of all players. Higgy was batting .090 with 1 rbi for the year.

soxgame 01201.jpg

Another interesting transpiration of the game was the near brawl that took place. Garland threw a pitch that went behind Rondell White. White took offense at that and took a few steps toward Garland and the benches emptied. No punches were thrown but White was booed quite loudly the next time he was up.

Seems to me that everyone (pitchers,batters, teammates, managers, fans) gets a little too defensive when it comes to the HBP question. Then again, I haven’t had a ball come at me at 80-90mph.

It didn’t rain once the game started (though it was slightly chilly) and the good guys won. US Celluar is a top notch park. The only downside as Tyler noted, is that as good as the Sox are doing, their fan base is just isn’t there. That was noticeable as there were many empty seats. As a Cub fan, I’m not used to that. With the Cubs, first place or last, winning or losing, they always pack Wrigley Field.

Anyway, a good time was had. Thanks again to Tyler!!


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10 Responses to “Sunday’s Sox-Tigers Game”

  1. “Typical loud, drunk, obnoxious Sox fan,” you say?

    Do you think he’s actually EMPLOYED?

    Just asking.

  2. LOL! I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. :)

    My buddy has tix to the Sox/Orioles game. I’ll bet a nickel that the ribbing that Higgy got from the RF stands fans will be nothing compared to what Sosa will get.

  3. Oh, that’s right the Cub fans that inhabit the biggest tavern in the free world (Wrigley Field) would NEVER drink in excess! Most Cub fans are there just for the Wrigley experience and could give a rat’s ass as to what’s actually happening on the field. And Bleacher Bums at Wrigley have ALWAYS been noted as being friendly & courteous! I’m sure they wouldn’t ride Sammy Sosa. I was at a Cub/Sox exhibition game at Wrigley where Michael Jordan was heckled by the Northside faithful. I had to straighten that Cub fan out!

  4. Maybe Wrigley is the biggest [and the greatest] tavern in the free world, but I’d take its regular sellout crowd there over a half empty US Cellular anyday. Sox fans should be mandated to attend 5 home games a year before talking trash about the North side crowd. A $12 standing room ticket at Clark & Addison is less than cover charge at most area bars. How much more affordable can $6 outfield tickets & half price dog night [not to mention fireworks] get? To be fair, Sox fans do pay $.25 more per beer, so maybe that keeps them away.

    There were ticket lotteries, 12hr long lines, and thousand of virtual waiting rooms taking place when Cubs tickets went on sale. Granted, low class ticket brokers were among them, even though the Cubs did crack down on ticket limits this year… But the Sox gameday ticket line is no longer than the average bathroom or beer line at the stadium. Funny part is that south siders still try to scalp tickets near the red line for almost every game.

    And Sammy Sosa? Cubs fans have every reason to sit in right field next weekend, prepared with signs and insults. Corky, Sammy Soso, choose your favorite nickname. The Cubs paid a huge contract for slammin’ Sammy Steroids, and then he stops altogether & became an automatic strike out who occasionally hit one out. Let’s not forget how he refused to give up the cleanup role until late ’04. For the $9m he’s costing the Cubs this year, Jim Hendry could’ve signed a closer who isn’t a joke. Frankly, I don’t know how Hawkins sleeps at night, but that’s a topic for another day.

    And his greatness, Michael Jordan, officially played for the Barons, not the Sox. Someone should have straighted him out long before he came to that exhibition game, and the Cubs fan was merely pointing out the obvious.

  5. I didn’t know Sammy Sosa made out the Cubs lineup card. Maybe if the Cubs would have better allocated their money (by not signing Nomar Canceriparra & Todd “no range/can’t turn a DP” Walker) they’d have had enough money to sign a closer. The White Sox addressed all of their needs in the off season while the Cubs didn’t address any of theirs. But I guess it’s easier to blame Sammy. Too bad you don’t still have the best baseball analyst in the game, Steve Stone, to kick around anymore!

  6. **”It got me to thinking… what if I went to this guy’s workplace and stood right next to him and yelled at him all day.”**

    A) Higginson’s a bum and probably needs to cruise his fork laden *** into retirement.

    B) People probably are trashing you at work…only covertly.

    C) What is the price of admission to your workplace?

  7. South siders, the north side grudge w/ Sammy doesn’t have anything to do with you, so just accept it already.

    But you may not have to worry about Cub fans showing up to the Cell next weekend anyhow… Seems like Sammy has conveniently developed an abscess on his foot that will keep him sideline for atleast 2 games. Might Soso be having second thoughts about returning to the Windy City???

    As far as Steve Stone’s departure, we can still occasionally hear him on national broadcasts. I frankly like the fact that he now has the freedom to speak his mind. After all, wasn’t it Sosa who got offended by the ‘monster’ comment & wanted Stoney kicked off the team plane last year??

  8. **A) Higginson’s a bum and probably needs to cruise his fork laden *** into retirement.**


    **B) People probably are trashing you at work…only covertly. **

    Hmm.. you may be right. :)

    **C) What is the price of admission to your workplace? **

    Call me dense but I’m still missing your point..

    I’m not so much defending Higgy. He’s a big boy and he can take care of himself. And like you said, he’s way past any prime he ever had.

    I was just struck by the fact that here was this White Sox fan (and I’m not just picking on Sox fans cuz it happens in every ballpark) and HIS team was up to bat and he chose to expend ALL his time and energy deriding an opposing player (rather than paying attention to the game).

    I dunno. Maybe you had to be there.

  9. LOL…..No point really….to me it’s part of the game , especially in the bleacher sections to rag on anything that moves…or in the case of Higgy, doesn’t move….for some fans, ragging the players is a traditional way to enjoy the game from most bleacher sections…especially back east…..ever sat in the bleachers in Fenway, Wrigley, Shea or NYY….Whoa!…listening to some of those clowns is sidebar entertainment ……for me…..Anyway….You publish an outstanding and enjoyable blog….I was just having a little fun from the bleachers with you… harm was intended.

    Hope you and your family have a Happy Mom’s day.

  10. no offense taken.. :)

    I had a similar discussion with a friend about the amount of booing that goes on in baseball. his point was, “come on, you gotta boo!” So I guess I can see it both ways. The fan as the 10th player kind of thing..

    maybe i need to be less pristine.

    and i have to admit, this guy was somewhat entertaining, as long as he’s 20 rows away and not sitting right behind me ;-)

    ..and from Higgy’s body language, he may have even been getting into his head. Sorta jerking his head back towards this guy’s direction once in a while. :)

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