Temper, temper, temper: Mets’ exec Bernazard axed

Last week, Jim Leyland took off his shirt and was called ‘sexy’.

In a totally different set of circumstances, Tony Bernazard took off his shirt and will be fired.

Bernazard, who was the Mets’ VP of player of player development, was fired after he lost his temper more than once.  One incidence occurred in the Binghamton Mets clubhouse where he took his shirt off and challenged the players there to a fight.  Tony B also got into it with Mets’ reliever Francisco Rodriguez.

I don’t think the Mets can take any more “development”.

Bernazard, 52, has had the position with the Mets since late 2004.  He played in majors as an infielder from 1979-1991.

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