Thoughts on AL All-Star Starters

Here’s a link to the team picked so far for the American League.

I have no real beef with any starter voted on the AL side.  I was pleased to see Mark Teixeira eke out a ballot victory over Tino Martinez who was leading for most of time.  Teixeira had a very good season last season but this year he is showing superstar potential.

I’m surprised Hideki Matsui was left off the reserve list.  As much as I like Garret Anderson, I think Matsui has better stats this year not to mention making the difference in a lot of Yankee games.

The starting pitchers picked for the AL all seemed to make sense.  Buehrle, Colon, Halladay, Rogers (yeah, well, we’ll see if he actually pitches), Santana, are all having solid, if not great years.  Picking relievers, I think, is more something that is left to discretion.  Case in point, Justin Duchscherer.  Granted his stats are there.  But I’m a little surprised.  I’m sure Francona had a reason for picking him though.


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