For the 2nd night in a row White Sox hitters smacked the crap out of Cardinal pitchers, well actually Cardinal pitcher, as starter Jason Marquis allowed thirteen earned runs (isn’t that bad luck?) in five innings. There were more Cardinal fans in the stands for this game than for the first contest. And they were more vocal than during the 1st ballgame(?). But then again, hope springs eternal, and the fans actually thought their boys were going to come back after their butt beating from the previous night. So Taguchi took Mark Buehrle over the leftfield fence in the first inning to give the Redbirds an early 1-0 lead, after the Sox scored four in the bottom of the frame, St. Louis responded with two in the top of the 2nd, but after two full innings the World Champion Chicago White Sox were up 9-3. Remarkably Marquis was left in there to surrender four more runs over the next three innings.

Paul Konerko knocked one out in the first with two runners aboard, later he fouled a ball off his leg to the delight of Cardinal fans (who really had nothing else to cheer about at that point). The fans in red behind the plate stood, clapped, and were saying, “poor baby got an owie”. Later Paulie was replaced by Ross Gload, but by then the goofballs were off at some local watering hole drowning their sorrows. In the 3rd they were still in their seats when Jim Edmonds tried in vain to keep Joe Crede’s blast in the park. He hit his head, was helped off the field, someone who sounded alot like me screamed, “SEE YOU IN FIFTEEN DAYS JIM! IT MUST BE THE BASEBALL SEASON, EDMONDS IS HURT AGAIN!” My comments were more aimed at the Redbird fans than Edmonds. The White Sox knocked four balls out of the yard (Jim Thome, Juan Uribe, Joe Crede, & Paul Konerko). St. Louis hit three out (Jim Edmonds before being knocked silly and So Taguchi & Timo Perez). What are the odds the Sox would score 33 runs in back to back games, probably not higher than Taguchi & Timo hitting longballs in the same game. On a serious note, if the Chicago kicker misses another extra point in game three his job may be in jeopardy.

Not even Albert Pujols would have made a difference in this series thus far. A cutie Cardinal fan asked, “when’s Albert coming back?” I told her that he was out looking for some JUICE. She replied, “don’t even”. I said, “he was a 19th round draft choice that turned into the Incredible Hulk”. Things that make you go HMMMM.

Took the El to the Claddagh Ring after the game where I met up with my sister in law who got Hammered & Nailed. Incredibly NickyV called it a night at the Cell, he didn’t want to be hungover when he picked up his daughter the next morning. I might be in a rut, but it’s a good rut. Weather permitting, I’m going to the Cell again for game three (wonder if I’ll need to bring my broom).

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  1. When Jim Edmonds left the game, Hawk was telling D.J. how there was “no doubt” that Jim Edmonds should be a “first ballot” “Hall-of-famer”

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