Trainer Refutes the Pujols link

Chris Mihlfield, the mutual trainer in question which led the Deadspin blog to link Albert Pujols to the Grimsley case, has denied emphatically that he was the one listed on the affidavit and also denied that Pujols has ever taken anabolic steroids or human growth hormones.

From the St Louis Post Dispatch:

“I can guarantee you that one, too,” Mihlfeld told The Kansas City Star. “I’ve known Albert since he was 18 years old. Albert won’t even drink his protein shakes anymore during the season because he’s scared they’re contaminated. That’s been part of his training for the last five or six years, and all of a sudden he won’t even do that.

“He’s tired of it. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of people putting this kid down. He’s a great kid. Let him be great. He’s clean.”

Deadspin claimed upfront that they were 80% sure of the Pujols link.

Here is the response from Cardinals Diaspora.

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