Check out what the Tribune had to say regarding Jeremy Piven’s rendition of Take Me Out To The Ballgame. Elliott Harris of the Sun Times had this to say in his Quick Hits section. It’s difficult to determine what is more shocking: “Entourage” actor Jeremy Piven saying, “Let’s bug it out, you little bitches” to the crowd Sunday for the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley Field or the Tribune actually running the quote. It’s difficult to determine what is less shocking: The team issuing an apology for Piven’s performance in the broadcast booth or the team not issuing an apology for the Cubs’ performance on the field. It’s incredible to think the Cubs can be so bad that they make fans’ eyes roll but yet don’t cause any heads to roll. You’d think at least the assistant to the assistant to the assistant to the alternate to the apprentice of a summer intern in the grounds crew would be fired. Just to show the Tribune Co. means business. Then again, business and the Tribune Co. don’t seem to be an ideal match these days.

While Piven was being interviewed in the booth the Tigers hit two of their eight home runs on the day, to which Piven quipped, “I thought batting practice was over”. He even volunteered to go in there and pitch even though his opening pitch attempt didn’t quite reach home plate in the air. “Maybe I’ll get them out by pitching under the radar,” said Jeremy, before ending with, “Go Cubbies!” But go where is the question. The eight home runs allowed are the most allowed by a major league team, 2nd time the Cubs have done that this season, first time a team has ever done that twice in one year. If they don’t win it’s the same.

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  1. I must admit i’m not familiar with this Piven guy but I say bring him back.

    Apology? Feh!

  2. It’s time to put this tradition to bed. It was great when Harry Carey did it. It was touching during the first season after Harry’s death. They should have killed it after the Ozzy Osbourne fiasco. Now they’ve been doing it so long, the Baseball Zealot will probably get a call from Wrigley and ask him if he’d like a turn singing to the fans.


  4. LET ME HEAR YA’!!

  5. Guys,

    The Cubs 7th Inning Stretch Tradition is fine, just the way it is.

    The tradition began in 1998, to honor the greatest baseball announcer who ever lived. That makes almost 700 guest singers to date.

    When The Cubs have 81 impromptu acts a year, there are going to be a few that don’t measure up. They will have guys who can’t carry a tune (Iron Mike), guys who don’t bother to learn the words (Ozzy Osborne), guys who embarrass themselves with ignorant comments (Jeff Gordon calling it Wrigley Park), guys who have had too much to drink (Iron Mike, again) and guys who cuss (the guy last weekend).

    If the Cubs wanted a professional singer, they would simply have Wayne Messmer sing it every game. The amateurism is part of the charm.

    Bill Veeck understood. So did Harry Caray.

    Keep it forever.


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