During a rain delay before today’s White Sox game they asked who had the highest career batting average, Ozzie Guillen, Kenny Williams, Darrin Jackson, or Hawk Harrelson? Below are the career statistics for each of the four players. It was kind of funny that one of the White Sox players said, “Hawk sure does talk alot bigger than a .239 career hitter”. Also Guillen said, “I was such a good fielder that people forget I could hit”.

Hawk Harrelson .239, 131 HRs, 421 RBIs, 374 runs, 53 SBs

Darrin Jackson .257, 80 HRs, 317 RBIs, 311 runs, 43 SBs

Kenny Williams .218, 27 HRs, 119 RBIs, 136 runs, 49 SBs

Ozzie Guillen .264, 28 HRs, 619 RBIs, 773 runs, 169 SBs

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