A couple of nights ago Scott Sauerbeck was arrested. It seems as though he was the passenger in his car, being driven by a drunken female companion, at 4:30 AM, when a police car observed the vehicle being driven erratically. They avoided the police, pulled into a driveway, got out of the car, and hid in some bushes. That’s when the person who owns the bushes where they’d chosen to play hide-&-seek called the police. Sauerbeck was arrested for allowing a drunk woman to drive his car and there were a few other charges. Scott, who’s married, apologized to his Cleveland Indian teammates for his alleged wrong doings. But now for the kicker, he pleaded NOT GUILTY to the charges! Then why the apology? I guess the moral of the story is, deny, deny, deny.

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  1. friends dont friends drive drunk (especially your own car)

    he looks like the quantum leap dude..

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